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Post  Silvia on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:52 pm

We all know, every coin has two sides.In my opinion, I support study English by the internet. We all know, today our world is a informatizational place. We can't live without information. As for English study, the internet can help us learn efficiently. Such as the on line dictionary, the on line study group and also some software. That helped the English learners much more.
In fact, some people would say, there are many disadvantages. Lots of children use the internet not for studying, but for playing games. And they may get the bad information through it. But I think, if we are only afraid of these problem and don't let children use internet, it's worthless. Although there are a few bad things in it, lots of them are good and helpful.
As for me, I don't like to play computer game and never play it. I always study English by internet and feel well. Every day, I spend about half an hour to use the internet. So, maybe, it's a good way for me and I think the advantage is much more than the disadvantages.
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