Homework and question about Britain(Silvia in class 2)

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Homework and question about Britain(Silvia in class 2)

Post  Silvia on Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:40 pm

1 Academic speaking
I feel the same way in this topic and I thought I have these questions too. I thought I dont't have enough confidence and sometimes stay silent because I was afraid to make mistakes. But I think, I will change myself. I think,seminars' main aim is to get new and good point from other students and develop my skills at giving and receiving constructive criticism. So, we must join it. And it's a easy way to study.
2 Challenges of living in Britain
As for living, I think that's not as difficult as study,but it's also very hard for our foreign students. The most difficulty I think is 'Building a new social life' and 'Culture shock'. We all know,difficult places have difficult culture. I don't want to make jokes in Britain in the future.So a plan to read many books and watch some TV that about Britain before I come there.Also,I can ask some student that have already study there. I also think learn a new culture will extent our vision.
3 my question about Britain
We all know,the tuition fee is very high in English.So how can we get the scholarship?Is it easy or not?Another is that,I want to know how many students are support by one prefessor? Thank you


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Re: Homework and question about Britain(Silvia in class 2)

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:06 pm

Hi Grace,

You're right about the purpose of a seminar. In addition, speaking in a seminar helps the professor know your level of understanding so they can help you with areas that you have not fully understood. This is another reason why it is a good idea to participate. If you stay silent, the tutor wil not be able to help you and you'll be wasting your time as well as the tutor's.

My reply to Crystal addresses culture shock. Tuition fees are extremely high for international students and I haven't heard of many scholarship opportunities. This is something that you should ask a member of staff from Nottingham university when they come to visit Tsinghua and give you a talk later in the semester. Most students try to earn some money in the holidays to halp cover their expenses. It is a good idea to look for a part-time job in the winter and summer holidays. There is a lot of demand for extra workers in shops around Christmas time when everyone is buying presents for their family and friends and in the summer when some of the full time staff go on holiday. This will also give you valuable work experience and English practice.



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