Homework:Questions about in England.

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Homework:Questions about in England.

Post  Cynthia on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:35 pm

Hello Andrew!
You said in class:in England have pets is very common thing,right?
So,is it allowed if I had a small pet(for example:a puppy or a totoro) in the apartment duiring college?
Anthoer thing I interested,why the driving cab in England is different from the cab in China?


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Re: Homework:Questions about in England.

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:21 pm

Hi Cynthia,

It's very common for families to have pets in England but it's not common for students to own a pet. Usually, pets are not allowed in students rooms, other than fish in a small bowl or tank. You will probably change your accomodation each year so it is better to wait until you settle down in one house after university before you buy a pet.

The main difference between taxis in England and taxis in China is that taxis are much more expensive in England and people cannot afford to take them every day. Most students take the bus (which is much cheaper) or ride a bicycle to their classes. To take a taxi in England, you should go to a 'taxi rank' where there are rows of taxis, or call the number of a taxi company and they will send a taxi for you. It is a good idea to save the number of a local taxi company on your mobile phone in case you ever need an emergency taxi at night.



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