I love Beckham,and i'm carol in class 1.

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I love Beckham,and i'm carol in class 1.

Post  carol on Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:01 pm

Very Happy Very Happy Hallo,! My name is Carol lee.Chinese name is 李熠翀. Maybe you think its a boy's name. Well .i agree with you. = =.But i am not a boy.!!
Let's talk about me. hmmmmmm. I come from a small city which named Liuzhou in Guangxi Province. And have some famous things. Such as Liusan sister. ?(-_-) ,Liuzhou famous noodles ,and so on.
hm,so much things want 2 say, the most important thing is that I love David Beckham very much.I think He is the most handsome man in this world. rabbit So I like football very much!!!!!. BUt just watch not play.. ha.~ Maybe this is my motivity to study English better so that i can go 2 the UK to be with Beckham.. Its not just a daydream,! Seriously!
About world CUP. I also love Spanish national football team.VVilla is a excellent player.And so handsome too. Laughing
My favorite subject is Arch.I love drawing,maybe its not so professional.= =.In the next year,I will try my best 2 make myself more professional not only in english but also in Arch.
ehhhhhh.to be slick, I m very happy 2 meet u guys in this foundation.My msn is carolee@msn.cn. If u talk with me in Chinese next time,I can tell u sth more about me..Haha,. Twisted Evil
Ok, its time 2 go. Have a nice day, everybody.. Very Happy


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