Serina in class 2

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Serina in class 2

Post  Serina. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:37 pm

Hello, my new friends! I have a really exciting feeling to attend this new home. I’m Serina, a 17-year-old girl from Taiyuan, in Shanxi Province. My Chinese name is Wang Zhuo which means excellent. I graduated from Taiyuan No.5 Middle School, the Senior Grade 2.
My hometown is a beautiful and peaceful place. The Fen River goes through the city and divided it into two parts. There is a historical site that is well-known home and abroad named Jin Ci (晋祠). Welcome to the Dragon City Taiyuan!
As for myself, maybe I can say I have two kinds of characters. On the one hand, I am little quiet as the result of my biggest hobby: reading. I’ d like to read everything useful, especially about history and literature. On the other hand, I really love to play, such as go skiing, go to the park and zoo, sing at KTV, or even ride a bike to go around the city (I’ ve done that before). Others like badminton, table tennis are all my hobbies. Except that, the other thing I like to do frequently is playing piano. Music is my favorite, besides classical music, I deem that pop music is also great, and I love JAY CHOU very much! By the way, I’m a enthusiast of calligraphy but not good at it, just studied for 3 months. I really want to find ones who have same likes as me! Does anyone?
So I hope to make friends with all of you! Please connect me through these ways:
QQ:137048225 Mobilephone:15811572534 (the Beijing number)


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