Maggie in class 2

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Maggie in class 2

Post  Elaine on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:19 pm

My name is Yuan Di, my English name is Maggie.I am a girl whose hometown is Shan Xi province.Every year thousands of visiters are attracted by my hometown's fantastic sceneries, for example, Yungang Grottos and Mount Heng.People flock to my mother town also for the delicious food. I am a girl whose family is very warm .Under the good care of my father and mother,I become a friendly and positive girl. I am a gilr who has a golden dream.In the future I want to be an engineer just as my mother and father.I believe a bright tomorrow is waiting for me. This is me,a positive girl,a lucky girl, a happy girl. Welcome to make friends with me.


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