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poy in class1

Post  poy. on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:16 pm

hi,i'm poy.please to meet you.i'm 17 years old now
i was born in November 10th,1992.
i'm outgoing and friendly.i'm so happy to meet all of you here,and can not wait to make friends with you.
i like swimming and reading,and of course,surffing the internet Very Happy
eating is my favourte way to relax Laughing i enjoy traditional chinese food so much... pig
i love winter especially the winter in jinan sunny
have you ever heard a famouse article written by Laoshe called <<winter in jinan>>?
i'm very proud of my hometown.jinan is the capital city of shangdong.
it's well-known throughout the country because the spring.
there are also many places of historic interest and scenic beauty,just like Daming lake,Qianfo mountain,Baotu spring and so on.
welcome to me hometown,i'll be happy to be your tour guid Smile
albino this is my e-mal:poy1110@yahoo.cn
come and be my friend! I love you


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