Nice to meet you.

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Nice to meet you.

Post  Carl on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:08 am

Hello,everyone.Nice to meet you,my new friends.So at first,let me introduce myself.
I am a boy.I am 19 years old.My Chinese name is Zhu Yuguo,and my English name is Carl.
I come from Hubei province.My hometown is a beautiful village.There are many heros.For
example,Liu Bei,Guan Yu and Zhang fei.If you want to visit my hometown.Please give me a
call.My phone number is 15801221706,my QQ number is 394763122.And I want to study finance in Nottingham University.

What about you.If you want to study the same major,we will study toghter.
This is some information about me.
I belive we will become good friends,and we will go to English toghter.


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