Challenges of living in Britain

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Challenges of living in Britain

Post  VictorD on Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:56 am

The most serious challenges will come from the academic life. Different language system and different academic atmosphere could take many problems and inconveniences. The entrance of degree courses maybe the hardest part for the international student. Can’t understand the class’s details, which caused by the different language, become many sources of the problems. The most regretful thing is couldn’t finish the coursework and can’t get the feedback, which is important for you to know how well you do in your courses and give you motive to improve yourself . If these things last long, the final examination will be hard for you to pass. So the first thing need to adept is the academic English.
And some of other activities or some academic views are also important for the academic life in the UK. Learn to use the internet for your handout, getting more valuable knowledge from seminar and lectures, and also, the opinion of avoiding plagiarism is the thing must to be learned.
1:Quote: NUS Student Experience Report (2008), Student attitudes towards coursework feedback.


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