My future career

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My future career

Post  James(2) on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:57 pm

When I was a boy,my parents and I always saw documatary films at the weekend.In their oppinions,I should become a historical teacher in Peking University.
I'm fond of history that's ture,but I don't read books about history in the liberay everyday.I hope
I can be given more chances to explore historical sites and collect cultural relices from the common people.It's interesting thing for me approuching history and discovering the history!When I
was puzzled in my life,my love and my duties,I often read history books to communicate with
famous people in history,to find the anwser of my questions fromhistory.
I suppose I can take part in historical sites exploring and collect historical relics from the common
people.It's a perfict way for me to extend my vision and expand my mind.History let me know that
who I am,what the life is.I'm eager to approuch the real history and discover the history!I'd love to
defenit the historical relics ,I have a chance to communicate with our ancestors and know their
culture and politics accurately and effeciently!
In the future,I hope I should be the historical Nobel winner,the first Nobel winner of China!


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