winken in class 1

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winken in class 1

Post  winken on Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:27 pm

Hello,boys and girls!My name is liao run fei,from Guangdong province!My english name is winken,I changed it myslft when I knew nothing about english,so it is strange.
Foshan,my home town,is a very beautiful city.It is famous for KongFu.Huang Feihong and Ye Wen who often appears in the films both there.There is a saying in China,"chi zai guang dong."It means that if you want to taste delicious food,you have to come to Guangdong.Foshan is a presenter in Guangdong.So,if you want to try them or do any other funny,welcome to Foshan,and I will guide you by myself!
I like reading,for instance,fiction and Popular Science Magazine.I also like sport and music.Even though I am not good at playing ball,I hope we can play together.So,there are not enough people to paly ball in case,call me!
I want to make friends with you,all of you.Let's study diligently and go to nottingham together!
qq 501245879!
phone number 18911128335
Greet to harass me! tongue


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