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learning online

Post  Cheryl. on Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:32 am

In today's society, computers have become increasingly common.The number of people who uses the Internet increases quickly.
In my opinion,the Internet is benefited to our daily life. We can use the Internet to search some information which is useful to our study. It’s a good choice to learning onilne and it’s very convenient of us to hand our homework in. It can extand our vision and expand the mind. Teachers can use the Internet to students attending classes. We students can have our classes at home and communicate with our teachers online. We do not worry about wind or rain. We can get up later than before and do not catch a bus in hurry.
But in the other hand, the Internet also has a bad effect. Many students do not have self-control ability. They may play computer games all day and do not use the Internet to study.
In a word, everything has two aspects. One is good, the other one is bad. It depends on our own whether learning online is good or bad.


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