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Post  sophia on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:38 pm

With the development of the technology , internet has occupied more and more time in our daily lives. In the same time, online classes has become a hot topic as well. When it comes to me, I believe the online classes bring us both advantage and disadvantage.
Since this method of teaching has a big difference between our traditional one, it maybe difficult for us to adapt a so relaxed atmosphere during study. We may have class online using a laptop on our bed with a pair of eyes full of sleepy or even we may miss it. It’s hard for us to overcome our laziness.
However, the advantage of online study is also obvious. A computer is so universal that everyone using it frequently, leading our communication online becoming so easy. We can use it to do some discuss which is so important in study.
As it is for me now, I always use internet to chat with my family and friends, to take a view of news, to watch some movies rather than learning online. But I think learning online is a good way for us and I want to have a try on this.


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